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Statistics Office


MUMS Health Information Technology

Statistics Office

Department of Statistics is a sub-unit of ITC under chancellery .The main task of the department of statistics is establishing appropriate procedures and correcting available processes and sending it to the Management Centre of Statistics and Information Technology in the Ministry of Health and Medical Education after The administration of all the data collected at specified time intervals.

One of the major programs and running statistical office automation system has been implemented since March 2008. The basis of this implementation is based on the Census Bureau since 2007 and based on a comprehensive program of action (enacted in 2010).


  • Integrated Operational Plan Bureau of Statistics in the University 
  • Reorganization plan circulation statistics and information and Data mining and statistical items of Vice Presidents and ....
  • Implementation of a comprehensive system of data automation and delivery of a comprehensive information management through the base
  • Deputy Editor of book seven indicators, including indicators of a healthy justice, ranking the Islamic University, Board of Trustees, the assessment of science and technology....
  • Online collection of data relating to health facilities, health care in the province during the annual census statistical automation system (over 50,000 records)
  • Online collection of statistics and information on hospital activities and academic hospitals in the monthly statistical automation system (over 15,000 records)
  • Database updated by the faculty associated with the System Automation software employment statistics.
  • Bank personnel automation systems by connecting faculty and staff data updated monthly
  • To update information about students, teaching staff through the import data used in statistical automation system
  • Removal of more than 10 manual data collection process and increase the accuracy and speed of data collection
  • Create the right processes to collect statistical information about the automation system
  • Analysis of managerial and reflect to the university authorities
  • Designing over 200 management panels for senior executives in the university automation system
  • Reply to all correspondence related to the application of data from other Offices of the Governor and ...
  • Gathering statistics and information about science, technology questions
  • GIS updates with the help of Health Chancellor
  • Periodic visits to all units of the University Stats In order to monitor and control the process of collecting data
  • Information provided through the University website and continuous update of Statistical Office Web site
  • Conducting research projects in collaboration with other universities in the province of Khorasan based on Statistics
  • Workshop for experts in statistics and machine services of the university
  • The publication of educational articles about statistics science

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Row  Unit Name  Email
 1 Education Chancellor Mrs Rastgo RastgoE1[at]
 2 Health Chancellor Mrs Mousavi MousaviM1[at]

Management and Resources
Development Chancellor

Mr. Asadi AsadiMH[at] 
 4 Student Affairs Chancellor Mrs Alidoust AlidoustM1[at] 
 5 Treatment Affairs Chancellor Mrs Babaei BabaeiS[at]
 6 Food and Drug Affairs Chancellor Dr. Jabbari JabbariR[at]
 7 Faculty of Health Mrs Feizian FeizianM1[at]
 8 Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery Mr. Shariati Nejad ShariatiNK[at] 
 9 Faculty of Medicine Mrs Peykani PeykaniT1[at]
 10 Faculty of Paramedical Mr. Zarrabi ZarrabiK1[at]
 11 Faculty of Pharmacy Mrs Rahimi RahimiM1[at]
 12 Faculty of Dentistry Mr. Javan Rashid JavanRA1[at]
 13 Faculty of Traditional Medicine Mr. Kordi KordiR3[at]