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Software Unit

MUMS Health Information Technology
Software Unit

All the software related activities of MUMS ITC were integrated under the Software Unit in 2006.
This unit is located in the MUMS Information Technology Center, at Emam Reza hospital.

Centralized supervision of software purchase for MUMS is our main policy. Our experts' efforts in software development subunit are focused on the specialized softwares which are not available in the market.

Software Evaluation Policies:

Software evaluation for MUMS subunits are divided in four category:

  • Systems related to the students, education and research like library and
  • Journals, students affair, course registration,...
  • Administration and human resources systems
  • Automation (paperless office) system
  • GIS system plus any other software which are not categorized in first three Categories
  • Monitoring software installed in order to support the University uses with the capabilities of universities and software companies
  • Database Management Service
  • Service execution of processes via SharePoint
  • Supervision of purchasing and procurement software required for
     university units on the uniformity of software used in all units with respect to time and the interest of
  • Units need different of measurement in a software program

    Focus on choosing, buying and designing Web -based applications and network technology, according to University facilities
  • The promotion of scientific and technical knowledge, software designed to obtain the necessary skills and support networks, and web-based software
  • Scientific software for production planning, research and training for research and educational mission of the University
  • Prepare some proprietary software (and sometimes public) required academic units
Sterategic Plan:
  •  Evaluating the state of present softwares available in the MUMS
  •  Evaluating softwares 'needs of MUMS subunits
  •  Evaluating and pilot installation of new softwares
  •  Evaluating and buying office Automation, Library and Research Submissions softwares
  •  Installing and educating softwares for MUMS subunits
  •  Consulting MUMS subunits for their softwares needs