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in charge of tracking
Recent Status
link to medical equipment
The purpose of providing this software, communication software with various medical devices such as MRI machines or Cell Counter and is receiving specific information from these devices.
The software industrial data transmission problem in various medical devices into the storage environment is resolved and the ability to transfer information with other agencies, provides for review by physicians.
Mr. Amiri
review and solve practical problems
The software evaluation
Target software evaluation, collecting and summarizing the views of students on academic medical circulatory parameters and different tasks.
The ability to evaluate software in specific time periods and parameters are standard.
Also there are software limits the target group
A sample of preventing student course selection form before completing the survey.
Mr. Amiri
Prepare RFP
Software for University water Collection Management
This application is being prepared to manage the collection of water sports.
The complex includes a swimming pool and sports facilities concerned, and also has amenities such as a buffet. The system must manage the entire collection and be in relation with credit system like  feeding.
Mr. Amiri
Proposals received
Software for clinics
The software performs all the services and manages services to patients in all health units and provides output for management and insurance.
Insurance Fund is done in the first phase and the unit to be deployed in 1800 centers.
Mr. Aalami
Explain the application process and the contract with the company
Software for Medical equipment
The software will perform to manage and control all existing medical equipment in college.
All experts in the various units enter the information of medical equipment and medical devices in the system.
The software
has been installed on the temporary server which provides information for medical equipment and is working. It must be installed on the main server.
Mr. Aalami
Software for managing congresses

Conference System for Mechanized scientific conferences is intended to be comprehensive.
The system must be related to all phases of planning, organizing, managing meetings and conferences and also received all operations related to the circulation of papers, posters, etc,...
Mrs Abbasi
Receive proposals and negotiating with companies