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  MUMS Health Information Technology

Software Unit

Sharepoint Introduction

In a large organization like Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, various units need to accelerate their work process, therefore requires electronic processing. Sometimes the process is large and complex enough so that we will incur the cost and time to implement it and process outsourcing, but sometimes useful and valuable processes in the organization does not require a lot of time to perform.

On the other hand, we want this process not to be costly for university. In this case,
Using the SharePoint platform and features is a suitable solution to implement a process that saves time and money.

Some SharePoint Features include:

Extensible architecture and installation in large environments
Technical documentation, training resources and numerous business solutions
Compatibility, integration and communication with other servers
The development and customization tools
Integration and communication with the Microsoft Office software suite

Existence different roles in the context of SharePoint users based on their technical knowledge and use:

4 types of user in SharePoint is available as follows:

  ♦  End user

  ♦  Power user

  ♦  Developer

  ♦  Administrator

Prevention of long queues waiting process
Incentives for automation of manual processes in the field of IT-related charge
The growing use of SharePoint technologies, followed by a comprehensive review of its capabilities