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Web Site Management Unit


MUMS Health Information Technology

Web Site Management Unit



Our vision is to have a scientific informative site for all users including academic members, students and patients. To reach university goals for improving informative services of the university and having web pages which can be easily updated, Website unit decided to buy COMS (Content Object Management System) software.

Here are some of the COMS capabilities:

  • It is a multi lingual system
  • Has strong editors like FrontPage, HTML, and Notepad
  • Unlimited vertical menus and submenus options
  • Millions of color options
  • Possibility of describing WebPages on your PC and sending it on the Site and vice versa
  • Object management with strong file managers like Explorer and Windows XP
  • Automatic installation on the server
  • Describing systems objects for use in all pages
  • Instance updating ability
  • Producing contents in two forms, based on PHP and MySql
  • Header and Footer options
  • Tacking backups from all the site pages including databanks in the zipformat
  • Having dynamic systems like News, Question and Answer, Gallery, Members, ...