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Research & Development

MUMS Health Information Technology
     Research and Development


The present era of economic growth and the health of nations is a direct correlation between ICT skills in all aspects of science and societies are increasingly dependent on information.
Therefore, the need to understand, use, and create new ways to get information, is essential to organize and manage information. Because of the great importance of information in policy and decision making processes in different
IT means that maximum and optimal use of information in various fields is developing with great speed.

This need is felt more in the health system, where researchers and practitioners on a daily basis are faced with too dense of data and information resources that are directly related to the health of society. Health centers and service providers in this field need to find ways that mass data collected in the field to be analyzed and managed and bring the knowledge for practical solutions.

The need to develop and deploy information technology in the healthcare system:

The importance of services in the community is dealing with people's health
Users of these services to the extent that all sections of society encompasses all ages
These services are expensive and time-consuming
Volume and variety of available data


  • Training of specialists in the field of information technology for the creation and development of information technology and units at infrastructure
  • Enabling IT personnel employed in all units simultaneously with the development of information technology
  • Simple and advanced IT training provided to faculty members
  • Training opportunities created by IT management to all users including staff and faculty members
  • Teaching users, new technologies concurrent with their implementation at the University



Department of Teaching

  • Enabling IT personnel in order to further independent set of subordinate units of IT
  • Regular monthly training provided by IT staff to personnel in the area of hardware, software, and network
  • Sending people to courses required off campus
  • Certified teachers are invited to provide educational topics
  • Teaching facilities
  • Develop training for new features like: network of universities and office automation
  • Create incentive policies to encourage staff to undertake related studies of IT