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Infrastructure Unit

MUMS Health Information Technology

Infrastructure Unit


All the hardware related activities of MUMS Information Technology Center were integrated under the Infrasturcture Unit in 2006. The unit is located in the MUMS ITC, at Imam Reza Hospital and is supported by our Hardware and Network expert team.

Specifications of Integrated system, financial / administrative:
First-generation Application software was acting for each part of the system independently without communicating with other systems in the organization of activities that could be mechanized.

This software performed operations that could be done quickly, zero probability of error in the calculation, avoid duplication in the system and increase the productivity and efficiency of the organization, but with the increasing demand for information, the system failed to provide all the information required by managers' organization, so another generation systems arose that was called integrated systems.
The main characteristic and distinctive holistic systems rather than stand-alone systems, ease of access to information in all parts of an organization for the senior managers of an organization to access the information they need in one or more of these systems.

Comprehensive financial systems composed of elements that are associated with each purpose
and its purpose is to provide specific information, to receive and to process the data so that the system will convert it into the information that managers need and support them to achieve their organizational goals.
The roles and responsibilities of managers can be deduced. What managers do at different levels of the organization and its environment is always moving toward decision making. Depending on the surface that managers are located, need information on a specific structure to be able to make decisions in the best way.

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 Mrs Cateb, Nahid
 Mrs Taghdisi, Farzaneh
 Mrs Govah, Narges
 Mrs Hoseinpour, Fatemeh 
 Mr. Saeidi Moein, Mostafa
 Mr. Rahimian, Esmaeel
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