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MUMS Health Information Technology
Hospital Information System



1 - Production, development and support of software installed on subsets in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

2 - Monitoring software information system for hospital inpatient and outpatient - Clinical installed at the University in order to support the capabilities of the company and external

3 - Supervision of purchasing and developing software and inpatient of a hospital information system - Ambulatory required all universities to create uniformity in the use of the software and considering the interest of the University

4 - Assessing the various units of the related subsystems and inpatient of a hospital information system - a program of clinical

5 - Focus on the purchase of software designed in such a way that the Hospital Information System - Clinically relevant and given the latest technology and possibilities of

6 - Scientific and technical knowledge and skills required to gain partners in designing and supporting network software

7 - Follow up, support, assessment, design and implementation of all related systems and software the university hospital (HIS) in all hospitals and clinics provide the comprehensive study of a subset of the subsystems

8 - Follow up, support, assessment, implementation and training facility and outpatient clinic appointment system in all hospitals, clinics, and home health through a comprehensive program of subsets

9 - Collaboration on ICT issues in a comprehensive program of Family Physicians

10 - Comprehensive Plan hospital Software (HIS) with respect to the capabilities of the new university and external corporate power

11 - Constant monitoring of the contracting companies, particularly the management of service delivery and financial services and payments in the form of a list prepared by the technical panel ruling

12 - Evaluation of hospitalization and outpatient hospital procedures - Clinical according to the application software and provide recommendations and guidelines, and applicable technical and engineering assistance in opening the process

13 - Follow-up and evaluation of the software for archival documents and collaborate with other departments of hospital and health management in the preparation of a comprehensive software archive documents with a comprehensive view of the entire University

14 - Track and monitor and support the development of electronic health records (thanks) according to a comprehensive strategic plans and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education